SuperStar Producer “Scott Storch” into another financial debt.

June 2, 2009

Scott Storch has been ordered to pay actor/film producer Matt Sinnreich,  $750,000 over a business dispute. The company’s plans included signing and producing Sindy Espitia and Darrell “D Shep” Sheppard of Miami. Sinnreich paid Storch $25,000 for 25 percent of the company, but claims in court documents that Storch “failed to form the corporation . . . and failed to return the $25,000.

Although Storch was once worth an estimated $70 million, he has had numerous financial problems, including late child support payments, as well as owing $722,906.19 in taxes for his $10.5 million mansion.


3 Responses to “SuperStar Producer “Scott Storch” into another financial debt.”

  1. mike alan said

    that girl if fuking gorgeous!!!!! i just found her online and wow… check it out … sindy rush on myspace

  2. kat said

    he’s a dush. i will check her out mike

  3. David said

    Shes really talented, I meet her @ Scotts and he was very proud to be working with her, too bad he fucked up!!
    Looking 4ward some sindy rush

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